What are the tools and methods we can use for building sound collectives? Here are some fresh experiences from workshops with real, living, breathing human beings….

  • Composición improvisada en grupos – nuevas experiencias January 2016 - En enero – febrero 2016 estoy en la residencia de artistas de la fundacion Lugar a Dudas, en Cali, Colombia. Durante mi estancia tengo la oportunidad de dar talleres en la Universidad del Valle y el Instituto Departemental de Bellas Artes. En este video se puede ver estudiantes de música de la Universidad del Valle participando en […]
  • What are you doing with your hands? October 2015 - For the second time this year – and in my life – I had the luck to be invited to Helsinki, Finland. This time the host was Nordic Culture Point (Kulturkontakt Nord), and the occasion was the seminar: The Role of Culture in a Sustainable Society – Sustainability in Art and Cultural Projects My contribution was a workshop, […]
  • The Role of Culture in a Sustainable Society, seminar in Helsinki, September 2015 August 2015 - “Culture and art provide our society with creativity, critical thinking, empathy, confidence, risk tolerance and mutual respect. We believe that working with culture and art and through the cultural meeting, we create an essential part of the foundation for the Nordic region and societies to become sustainable” – Per Voetmann, director, Nordic Culture Point Programme […]
  • Building sound academia. What actually happened in Helsinki? August 2015 - Are human beings more than merely brains attached to a chunk of flesh&bones, and does it make sense to imagine a modality of human interaction, we could call corporeal reflection? Workshops in nonverbal interaction for scholars at a wordy conference in Helsinki.
  • Workshop exercise: Gesture imitation August 2015 - Gesture imitation; In pairs; B makes a gesture with one arm, while A watches and memorises; A now imitates B’s gesture. A and B swaps roles and repeat 1.1 and 1.2 Gesture imitation version B; enhanced by sound; Same drill as above, this time the gesture maker will accompany the gesture with sound, voice, hissing, […]
  • To perform or not to perform? Well to perform, then! July 2015 - Barefoot Sound Kitchen, a workshop format for non-musicians to join in on a collective sound improvisation with people they might not ever have met before.
  • Building Sound Collectives in Helsinki, – presentation June 2015 -
  • Building Sound Collectives in Helsinki February 2015 - Building Sound Collectives has been selected for the Conference “CULTURE(S) IN SUSTAINABLE FUTURES: theories, policies, p􀀀ractices”, Helsinki, May 6 – 8 2015. For three days, the University Jyväskylä will host a series of talks, sessions and panels at the “Wanha Satama” (Finnish for “Old Harbour”), – a renovated warehouse for coffee and spices located in the heart of […]
  • Building Sound Collectives at the Sustainable Citizen Festival 2014 November 2014 - In November 2014, composer Casper Hernández Cordes was invited to do a workshop at the Sustainable Citizen Festival. Here, you can get to know about the presentation, the workshop, and the learnings.
  • Building sound collectives – a workshop concept September 2014 - Building Sound Collectives is a workshop designed for creating cultural sustainability in groups of people. We work with non-verbal expressions, and play with sound and gesture as a means to develop our capacity of creating new cultural expressions.

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