October 2017, four months after completing my Master’s thesis in Educational Anthropology, I got my current dream job as a coordinator of social housing projects in a town 100 km from my home. Since I spend most of my time working and commuting, how do I manage to keep working on my ideas and thoughts about people, their environments and how they relate to each other?

Since I am not doing full time academic research, my solution is to do ‘pocket research’ in the two times one hour I spend daily in a train, commuting to and from my job.

Doing pocket research means working with a smaller mental metabolism, working in smaller research loops, from initial question, over design, over reading, to synthesizing ideas, outputting small, fragile preliminary conclusions.

Here are my thoughts about my ‘pocket research method’, where you can read about my different pocket research formats. Everything is pocket. Welcome to my pocket (that sounded weird…. well, you get the point)

This is my view from the train window….. Nature out there..