Unveiling the gestural aspects that are hidden in our voice

” As the voice is invisible, we can make it visible through a gesture or a drawing during the act of vocalization. In this way it will be possible to overcome the dichotomy between orality and writing. In this workshop we will find interactions between drawing and vocal expression to unveil the gestural aspects that are hidden in our voice.”

Gesture as a collective phantasm?

“.. we suggest viewing gestures as key constituents of phantasms , quasi-present objects that are produced through multi-modal utterances. This perspective highlights the ways in which gestures mark profound transformations of participants’ experiential histories, transformations that open up, for the speakers, new insights into the matters they strive to imagine. The study of these insights led us to emphasize not the simulative, but the creative roles of gestures.”

From: Gesture and Imagination: On the Constitution and Uses of Phantasms