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  • Bevægelse som analyseværktøj – seneste erfaringer February 2017 - Jeg vil nu fortælle om mine erfaringer med bevægelsesanalyse. Vi var en gruppe på i alt 6, og vi mødtes søndag den 19/2 på Forsøgsstationen. Som forberedelse havde jeg valgt et uddrag af min empiri. Det drejede sig om en situation i skolegården, hvor jeg havde fulgt en trio af piger, som legede et-tagfat på […]
  • A method for corporeal analysis? (You’re not alone) January 2017 - After three days of experiments with corporeal analysis, I can see some patterns for a possible method :  Pre-analysis. What are the most important parameters at play in the material? In my case, I found 3: 1) Initiative. Who decides what to do (in the detail), A. the children themselves or B. the adults? 2) […]
  • Fieldwork on fieldwork, day III January 2017 - See my former two posts in this ‘trilogy’: Using my body as an analytical tool – is there anybody out there? Necessary mistakes on the path to an embodied analysis Read/see/listen more about my methodological reflections here: –>    
  • Necessary mistakes on the path to an embodied analysis January 2017 - Day one in ethnographic fieldwork into my ethnographic material. These are my video journals from today, where I document the process of my analytical work: As you can see in Journal I, above, I have used a logic of parameters to do a pre-sorting of my material. What are the most important factors in play […]
  • Using my body as an analytical tool – is there anybody out there? January 2017 - “I have conducted an ethnographic fieldwork in a public school, in a reception class, with children aged 7 – 9.  I now have a lot of empirical material to analyze. I have fieldnotes, sound recordings, some photos etc. Read more about my studies in Educational Anthropology I have a question to you, and I need […]
  • Selves, sounds, containers, and Neo’s cat September 2016 - Reflecting on my observations in the reception class (read more about my field study here), I come to think about the pupils and their struggles to come to some kind of grasps with what is expected from them. It’s evident that in this specific context, there are some adults that are trying to make them understand what […]
  • An economy of emotions and actions? Part 2 of 4 September 2016 - Part 2. Forging a concept: “Proposition” (Continued from: An economy of emotions and actions? Part 1 of 4) What I am basically trying to do here, is to find a way of talking about the processes through which ‘something new’ comes into being in a collective. I am thinking about all the small interactions, where someone […]
  • An economy of emotions and actions? Part 1 of 4 September 2016 - Part 1: Power or humor? In a few days, I will be starting off my field study. As you might have read in an earlier blog post (in Danish), as a part of my studies in Educational Anthropology, I am going to conduct a field work study in a ‘reception class’, or in Danish: “Modtageklasse”. […]
  • Is Academia really that UNIKE? June 2016 - Rapidly written impressions from a first day at the conference UNIKE, Copenhagen 15-17 June 2016. My first positive surprise: I had expected long, compact, academic talks with very little audacity and thinking out of the box. And I had expected to see a homogenous crowd of scholars all focused on furthering their own career. What […]
  • Policy, penge og fri forskning June 2016 - Hvad sker der med de gode intentioner om at skabe en bedre folkeskole når de rammer policy og penge? Jeg har netop læst et nyudgivet speciale fra RUC, og jeg har fundet stor inspiration til teoretiske og metodologiske overvejelser. Desværre bliver den teoretiske ramme og den metodologiske tilgang brugt på en skuffende måde, når det kommer […]

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