What are they saying, out there? About cultural sustainability, collectives, non-verbal forms of expression ….

  • Dance: finding the balance of the self within the group August 2015 - Casper: Becky please tell us something about the path that led you to start working with people with chronic illness and/or disability. Becky: I had a growing sense that I wanted to help people that were suffering, through dance. It was so clear to me that dance is so therapeutic. All dancers know how we enter the studio and how much better we feel when we are finished. So I thought that if dance was so helpful for people who are basically healthy, the effect on people who are struggling with serious health problems had to be tremendous. I had a student who is a physical therapist at the Navarran association for Multiple Sclerosis and I asked her if she thought that they might be interested in trying some work with dance and she thought they would be. And that was how it began.
  • 8th Art of Management & Organization Conference June 2015 - A conference in Slovenia about Art in organizations. September 2016. Deadline for applications July 31st.
  • dance nonverbal cultural sustainability That is me, in the wheelcha-cha June 2015 - (To see the video with English subtitles, click the Youtube icon) This is a very moving and inspiring project. I have seen the video about 10 times, and I find that what I am seeing is something that we need more and more in our time: empathy, creativity, acceptance, trust, and meaning. This is of course…
  • The rhythm of pre-industrial work December 2014 - Pre-industrial collaboration rhythms, coordination.
  • How Time Can Dispossess: On Duration and Movement in Contemporary Performance December 2014 - "Due to the accelerated and project-like character of our inner time, the subject finds himself in a no man’s land if something does not function or if nothing goes on; he feels as though the duration intrudes upon him and, paradoxically, steals his most intimate time (which is actually heavily managed by the contemporary apparatuses)"
  • Unveiling the gestural aspects that are hidden in our voice September 2014 - "As the voice is invisible, we can make it visible through a gesture or a drawing during the act of vocalization"
  • Gesture as a collective phantasm? September 2014 - "... gestures as key constituents of phantasms , quasi-present objects that are produced through multi-modal utterances"

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