What is a collective? What do I mean by sound collectives? By cultural sustainability?

Welcome to a conceptual framework in progress.

  • What is the ideal ensemble for playing contemporary music? August 2022 - What does the typical contemporary music ensemble look like? Here are my preliminary results.
  • Kant I? – Does improvising improve self-esteem? March 2022 - In this episode, composer Casper Hernández Cordes draws on his own experiences with improvisation and as a teacher to reflect on the relation between open artistic practices and selfhood.
  • Epilogues – improvising a sound ecosystem February 2022 - Listen and subscribe on your preferred podcast service:
  • Problem solving in math and music – what is the connection? January 2022 - Solving math problems is satisfying. Listening to music is satisfying. Is there a connection?
  • Has musical composition influenced the discovery of the DNA? December 2021 - Has musical composition influenced the discovery of the DNA? Geneticians have used musical composition as a means to understand genetic data. How about the other way around? Has the development of the musical notational system in Western Europe made the idea of code in living organisms possible?
  • How to keep track of my artistic research? December 2021 - Since I started working with music as an ecosystem, I ran into a problem: How can I keep track of all the different variations/spinoffs/mutations? I needed a kind of coding system, and after some thought, I came up with the following. Color codes as a naming system The thought of giving the improvisations a number…
  • Invitation – explore with us*! November 2021 - I would like to invite you to a place. It is a place, I have invented. It's a musical composition called "Last Dream". I made this composition by improvising on the piano.
  • Music as an ecosystem? November 2021 - What happens if we create and experience music as a kind of ecosystem? Improvising on the piano, using what I would call intuitive intelligence, I am developing a method for using my body, hands, arms, and mind to create a kind of sound ecosystem. This is how this improvisation came into existence: Next step is…
  • Does hierarchy kill nature? April 2018 - After reading Freya Mathews’ article “A deeper Philosophy of Biomimicry”, (see my summary here)  – which I find very inspirational – I feel the need to further investigate some of the paths she’s laying out. Particularly I would like to dig more into her framework for a ‘deeper philosophy’ based on the two concepts conativity…
  • Uddrag fra mit speciale: Om handlingsvalutaer August 2017 - [uddrag fra mit speciale, s. 90ff] “Handlingsvaluta -­ et begreb til at begribe mellemrummenes mellemrum Centralt i begrebet handlingsvaluta er det, som jeg med Deleuze kalder affektøkonomien. Det er en meget enkel model, som Deleuze har fra Spinoza. Iflg denne model udgøres en krop127 af en række forbindelser, rapports, og disse forbindelser er det, som…

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