Here are all my blogposts in chronological order

  • Homemade instruments, inequality and new worlds January 2019 - Siloé is a neighborhood in Cali, Colombia with a long history and a lot of culture. It is also considered “Cali’s most dangerous barrio“. Through the friend of a friend, yesterday, I heard about Colombian musician and composer Moíses Zamora Mesu, who is working in a project called Los tambores de Siloé. Today, Moíses invited […]
  • Foto Sexteto Tabala // Marimbula December 2018 - Originally posted on cavapa:
    Fotografia > carlos andres vallejo. Sexteto Tabala // Marimbula Buscando Ritmos para Shakira San Basilio de Palenque/Bolivar– Colombia / Nov 2009 Camara// Canon G10 / F 2.8 / vel 1/60 de seg / Lente 28mm Retoque// Lightroom 2
  • Autism is an environmentalism July 2018 - While reading and summarizing Descola’s giant work Beyond nature and culture, I have been ‘side-reading’ some stuff about autism.  Reading the book Women from another planet?: Our Lives in the Universe of Autism has made me think some additional thoughts to my reading of Descola. Women from another planet? is a book, collectively written by a group […]
  • On being an independent researcher June 2018 - Inspired by a comment by Sergio Valdez, I would like to share some thoughts about being an independent researcher. It’s a huge challenge to be an independent researcher. One thing is the obvious lack of time (a problem, I deal with here), since we need to work in something else to earn a living. Another […]
  • Is Spinoza an analogist, naturalist or … animist? – A pocket memo… June 2018 - As a part of my ‘pocket research design 2‘, I am reading Descola’s Beyond Nature and Culture (see my selective pocket summary in progress here). While reading, ideas for my coming synthesis/pocket essay are beginning to condensate in my brain. Descola is a structuralist, (see my discussion here) and in order to take advantage of […]
  • Reading Descola – a doubtful pitstop…. (memo) May 2018 - As I have promised (myself) in my second pocket research design, I am reading French Anthropologist Philippe Descola’s book “Beyond Nature and Culture”, while writing a ‘selective pocket summary’ here. And while reading: thinking… I am attacking Descola’s mammoth work from various angles at the time. I am reading it as a pdf, in English […]
  • Pocket research design 2: Pre-modern forager societies vs Spinoza’s polis. A model for a more sustainable way of life in our time? May 2018 - As a part of my ‘pocket research program’, titled “Can we reason with nature?”, this is my second pocket research design. Here, I would like to follow up on a point, that Australian professor in environmental philosophy Freya Mathews raises in her article “Towards a Deeper Philosophy of Biomimicry” (read my pocket summary here): “The outlines […]
  • Will knowing nature make us better humans? Pocket research design 1 May 2018 - This is a 'pocket research design', where I outline the question whether knowing nature will make humans treat each other and our surroundings better.
  • On my ‘pocket research method’ and hamster wheels May 2018 - Since my life is pretty much a hamster wheel, and my time for working on getting my ideas in order is limited to the two times 1 hour commuting time I have to my job, daily, there is a limit as to how thoroughly I can work on these ideas. I therefore have to find […]
  • Descola – beyond nature and culture; a selective pocket summary May 2018 - As a first step in my ‘pocket research program’ “Pre-modern forager societies vs Spinoza’s polis” (read more here), I am reading French anthropologist Philippe Descola’s book Beyond Nature and Culture (published 2013. Original title: Par-delà nature et culture (2005)). This is my selective pocket summary. I am reading this mammoth work from a very selective viewpoint, in […]

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