Here are all my blogposts in chronological order

  • Autism is an environmentalism July 2018 - While reading and summarizing Descola’s giant work Beyond nature and culture, I have been ‘side-reading’ some stuff about autism.  Reading the book Women from another planet?: Our Lives in the Universe of Autism has made me think some additional thoughts to my reading of Descola. Women from another planet? is a book, collectively written by a group […]
  • On being an independent researcher June 2018 - Inspired by a comment by Sergio Valdez, I would like to share some thoughts about being an independent researcher. It’s a huge challenge to be an independent researcher. One thing is the obvious lack of time (a problem, I deal with here), since we need to work in something else to earn a living. Another […]
  • Is Spinoza an analogist, naturalist or … animist? – A pocket memo… June 2018 - As a part of my ‘pocket research design 2‘, I am reading Descola’s Beyond Nature and Culture (see my selective pocket summary in progress here). While reading, ideas for my coming synthesis/pocket essay are beginning to condensate in my brain. Descola is a structuralist, (see my discussion here) and in order to take advantage of […]
  • Reading Descola – a doubtful pitstop…. (memo) May 2018 - As I have promised (myself) in my second pocket research design, I am reading French Anthropologist Philippe Descola’s book “Beyond Nature and Culture”, while writing a ‘selective pocket summary’ here. And while reading: thinking… I am attacking Descola’s mammoth work from various angles at the time. I am reading it as a pdf, in English […]
  • Pocket research design 2: Pre-modern forager societies vs Spinoza’s polis. A model for a more sustainable way of life in our time? May 2018 - As a part of my ‘pocket research program’, titled “Can we reason with nature?”, this is my second pocket research design. Here, I would like to follow up on a point, that Australian professor in environmental philosophy Freya Mathews raises in her article “Towards a Deeper Philosophy of Biomimicry” (read my pocket summary here): “The outlines […]
  • Will knowing nature make us better humans? Pocket research design 1 May 2018 - This is a 'pocket research design', where I outline the question whether knowing nature will make humans treat each other and our surroundings better.
  • On my ‘pocket research method’ and hamster wheels May 2018 - Since my life is pretty much a hamster wheel, and my time for working on getting my ideas in order is limited to the two times 1 hour commuting time I have to my job, daily, there is a limit as to how thoroughly I can work on these ideas. I therefore have to find […]
  • Descola – beyond nature and culture; a selective pocket summary May 2018 - As a first step in my ‘pocket research program’ “Pre-modern forager societies vs Spinoza’s polis” (read more here), I am reading French anthropologist Philippe Descola’s book Beyond Nature and Culture (published 2013. Original title: Par-delà nature et culture (2005)). This is my selective pocket summary. I am reading this mammoth work from a very selective viewpoint, in […]
  • Does hierarchy kill nature? April 2018 - After reading Freya Mathews’ article “A deeper Philosophy of Biomimicry”, (see my summary here)  – which I find very inspirational – I feel the need to further investigate some of the paths she’s laying out. Particularly I would like to dig more into her framework for a ‘deeper philosophy’ based on the two concepts conativity […]
  • Will knowing nature make us better humans? Can A deeper Philosophy of Biomimicry give us the answer? April 2018 - In my search for an answer to the question if humans will be better at connecting with eachother if they become better at connecting with their environments, I've read Australian professor of environmental philosohy Freya Mathews article "Towards a Deeper Philosophy of Biomimicry". This blogpost is my  short resume of the article.

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