Improvisation, nature, philosophy…

Composition and Improvisation

Climate Change has made it quite evident that we can no longer take anything for granted.  Many pillars of our existence have been revealed as stages or facets of much broader processes.  We are finding that even such things as the Gulf Stream and the Greenland Ice Sheet turn out to be fragile.

When I first started to assemble this album, I meant to focus on those special things whose fleeting or tenuous existence seemed so delicate as to be improbable. But as I thought about the subject, I asked myself, “What is it that makes something seem ‘fragile?’” The answer seemed to be vulnerability, a set of narrow environmental tolerances, and a short life span. This could be summed up by the term “impermanence,” which is a term that could be applied to just about anything.

To me, the world moves forward through the forces of creativity, on one…

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