I would like to invite you to a place. It is a place, I have invented. It’s a musical composition called “Last Dream”. I made this composition by improvising on the piano.

Improvising on the piano

Listen to the improvisation here:

Regarding this improvisation as an ecosystem, a landscape, I made made it into a score. I use the score as a map. I put the map/score in front of me, at the piano, and explore the lanscape/ecosystem, improvising, regrouping, repurposing the elements of the landscape. Here is one of my explorations/variations:

Variation 10 over the composition Last Dream

As you might hear, I am exploring mostly the first part of the ecosystem/landscape/composition “Last Dream”. The variations/explorations seems to add new dimensions, new organisms, new connections.

Please listen to these variations/field studies, and ask yourself: How can I contribute? Where shall we go from here? Maybe we should explore one of the variations? Make a map/composition/score from it, and use this map as a place to explore? We can have a chain or branchings of such sequences: [exploration –> map of exploration –> exploration of map of exploration –> mapping of exploration of map of exploration], etc.

Maybe you can make an improvisation, using the score as a map? Or you can improvise over the improvisations? And share it with us?

Come with your ideas. Put them in words, sound, video, or whatever format suits you… Looking forward to receiving your contributions 🙂

Upload sound on Soundcloud, and share the link. Or send us an email: caspcordes@gmail.com

* “us” – well to be honest, sofar ‘us’ are me, my hands, mind, the piano.

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