What happens if we create and experience music as a kind of ecosystem?

Improvising on the piano, using what I would call intuitive intelligence, I am developing a method for using my body, hands, arms, and mind to create a kind of sound ecosystem.

This is how this improvisation came into existence:

Next step is to make a score, a transcription of the improvisation. Check it out here.

The score as a map of the ecosystem. A map that can be explored, researched, studied, expanded, etc. Putting the score in front of me on the piano, I made ‘journeys’ into the ecosystem, resulting in a number of variations on the composition.

A traditional format – theme and variations. In nature, we are talking organisms interacting in an ecosystem, and evolving, mutating, adjusting, etc.

Listen to the variations here:

Please share your thoughts about the variations. Help me decide which (parts) to develop further. Comment on the tracks, in the tracks. Thanks! 🙂

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