Building on the work of the 2012 Creativity & Critique conference (York) and the 2014 Creativity and Design conference (Copenhagen), the 2016 conference embraces the arts and aesthetics as critical design elements – as inquiry, methodology, development resources, etc. – to explore, feel and express the felt, sensory and emotional aspects of management, leadership and daily organizational life. We encourage participation from researchers, practitioners, educators and organizational development professionals working at the arts and organization nexus in ways that help us engage with the intangible such as:


  • Feeling organizations
  • Leading through the arts
  • The arts in organizational development
  • Studio pedagogy
  • The arts as means of inquiry/methodology in research
  • Aesthetics of organizational change/transformation
  • Creative processes in organizations


While we have set the theme as “Empowering the intangible”, the Art of Management and Organization conference welcomes submissions and participation from any field engaging with arts and aesthetics in management and organizations. No matter what the submission (streams, exhibitions, installations or performances), be creative, be bold!

Please submit all Stream and event ideas to by the 31st July 2015

I am definitely going to apply. How about you?

This is where the conference takes place.


Looks fantastic!!

Read more here:

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