Building Sound Collectives has been selected for the Conference “CULTURE(S) IN SUSTAINABLE FUTURES: theories, policies, p􀀀ractices”, Helsinki, May 6 – 8 2015.

For three days, the University Jyväskylä will host a series of talks, sessions and panels at the “Wanha Satama” (Finnish for “Old Harbour”), – a renovated warehouse for coffee and spices located in the heart of Helsinki and close to the seashore.

Wanha Satama - before: coffee and spices, now: conference about cultural sustainability

As a part of the conference Ph.D Taru Elfving, is curating the “Open Stage” program, which is “a space for posters, art and performances”; this is where our workshop Building Sound Collectives comes into the picture. It will take place on Friday 8th of May, scheduled as a part of the program for the conference.

This conference is an excellent opportunity to continue our work, learning from knowledgeable people, and inviting participants to engage in a practical, hands-on research into what role non-verbal interaction plays and can play in a  collective’s cultural sustainability.

Read more about the conference here.

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