These are images and sounds from a street intervention in Cali, Colombia in June 2014 made by composer Casper Hernández Cordes during his time as an artist in residence in Lugar a Dudas.

The performance concept “The Work and the Play” is build up in two parts:

1) WORK. In this part, a participant is cleaning a 3×3 meter square on  the pavement. A group of participants watch the movements of the working person and imitate them on instruments made from trash. For example: the participant holding a bucket makes a sound each time the “worker” puts a foot to the ground.

Sounds from the “players” are being recorded, as individual loops in Fonokolab.

2) PLAY. When the “worker” has finished his/her job, he/she walks slowly, foot by foot, around the square.

Three to four players now move around in the square, each of them forming a sound by their position in the square.

The 3-4 improvised sound gestures are recorded.

When the “worker” reaches back to where he/she started, the collective improvisation stops.

And it’s time to invite a new person to do the working!

Find the event page on Facebook:

The performance was made possible thanks to

Danish art council logo Lugar a dudas logo

Read more about the project here:

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