How do I construct this framework? I was thinking of the term occupation, and that you could see that this is a sort of occupation of words that have been used in mainstream ways of understanding similar issues, and what I’m doing is to cleanse them from their previous, mainstream connotations, and make them ready for use in this new framework.

In Bruno Latours “Reassembling the social”, he writes about this three step process of deploying, stabilizing and composition. Read the quotation here. When talking about deploying, he refers to the action of taking into account all the actors that we need to include, in order to reassemble the social. This is kind of what I’m doing with the  words that I collect for constructing this framework: I take existing words that I consider still necessary, while excluding other words, that are simply worn out – like ‘creativity’, ‘works’, etc – and then I’m inviting new words to the assemblage.

My goal in making this new assemblage of words is to constitute a framework that is open enough to help us take into account the relevant aspects when working on the facilitation of compositional processes, while helping those who use the framework not to fall back to business as usual

Deploying the components for a new framework for facilitating compostional processes
Illustration by Casper Hernández Cordes

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