Bikestruments, bridgestruments, anti padlock guerilla

Bike bells on bridge (anti padlock guerilla)

From bike to trike (?)

From bi- to tri-

Bike bone hanging in bike nerve being attached by bike magnet

Preparing bikestruments in the State Workshops for Art

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  1. […] Bikestruments, bridgestruments, anti padlock guerilla ( Share this:ShareTumblrTwitterFlattrLinkedInFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Category : Cloudworks, Phonograffiti, Praxis Tags : Akutsk, captain beefheart, collective improvisation, collectives, Copenhagen, Copenhagen Art Festival 2012, cross modality, decentralisation of expertise, divergent thinking, fonografit, Henri Lefebvre, hooded crow, iphone, John Cage, Knippels Bridge, luthier, maxmsp, participatory art, process, qrow, snyk, sound art, stencils, street art, uneducation […]


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