Building Sound Collectives

Composing collectives for cultural sustainability

A blog about cultural sustainability by composer Casper Hernández Cordes

So we are talking about crisis. Is it an economical crisis? Or an ecological crisis?

Maybe our crisis is fundamentally cultural. Maybe we should focus on how we can make our collectives of today capable of handling the current challenges in a way that will not mess it up for future members of our collectives.

Welcome to this blog, where we are discussing cultural sustainability, collectives, and non-verbal forms of expression.

Feel free to comment, share and participate!! ….. starting right here, below (yes you can do it! just write a few words, say hi!)

One Comment

  1. that’s a Good platform! Crise is about individual basic properties such as that concerns self knowledge. …so if individual capacity is no restorated, collectives lost his sense..Collectives is an echo of this base capacity. Culture and deep ecology are in crises because main bases are in crisis. No capacity of synthesis of cultural complexity could drive into sustainability of collectives….and this capacity start from individual if colletives is paralysed in terms of capacity of buoilding…


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